Gross MotorFine MotorLanguage
01 0 -1 Month Curis body to center Lifts head briefly on tummy Moves head side to sideHands primarily closed (closes with touch) Looks at objects briefly Cries continuously Cries when hungry or uncomfortable Cries become different for pain and hunger
02 2-3 MonthsRolls part way to the side Lifts head 45-90 to look at toys Holds self on Forearms Rolls From Stomach to back Hands often open Briefly holds a rattle Brings hand to mouth Holds toy purposefully Hands loosely openedMakes comfort sound Begins laughing Coos open vowels (aah) Closed vowels (ee)
03 4-5 MonthsPuts weight on hands Puts weight on one arm while reaching other stomach Stands Holding weight on feet. Head no longer drops when pulled to sitting Rolls form back to side Reaches for toys with both hands Hands are in the middle Holds and Shakes a rattle Looks toys while holding them Holds and lifts toys Researches With both hands to hold onto toys Respond to sound Stimulation or speech by making noises begins babbling "babadada'
04 6-7 MonthsRolls to stomach from back Lifts and plays with feet Begins to sit without helpHolds Bottle Picks up dropped toys (will only hold one at a time) Feeds self a cookie begins banging toys on surfaces Moves toys from one hand to the otherVoices attitudes other than Crying -joy anger Reacts to music by cooing looks and vocalizes to own name Babbles "baba" Babbles to people
05 8-9 MonthsMoves around on stomach Sits alone 1-10 mins Holds whole body up briefly Gets to sitting by pushing with hands Begins trying to crawlBangs Toys Together Picks up small toys Hold toys with both hands Begins letting go toys on purpose Uses both hands in playBegins to say "dada" or "mama" Shouts for attention Begins making sounds frequently in babbling : b,m,p,d,t,n,g,k,w,h,f,v,th,s,z,l,r Talk to add excitement to meaning or words
06 10-11 MonthCrawls pulling with arms Scoots Stands at furniture Moves to the ground with some controlUses fingers to poke Lets go on toys on purposeBabbles similar an adult Begins babbling single consonant "ba" Babbles respond a human voice Begins to show understanding of words by appropriate behavior
07 12 MonthsWalks along furniture. Up on hold knees without help Walks holding one person hand Moves from being on floor to standing Throw ballHolds cup with or without handles Scribbles Throwing toysRepeats sounds or gestures if laughed at Babbles to self when left alone Speech may stop increasing as learning to walk Unable to talk while walking
08 16-24 MonthsWalks alone Beginning to jump Climbs in to adult chair Beginning to run Stairs (up and down) Throws tennis ball Walks Backward Squats in play Takes off socks /unzips Fills containers Uses a spoon Sort shapes (up to 3) Begins writing by making strokes/marksTires to talk and doesn't care if understood Greets with talking Says "oh-oh" ,"no-no" Names 1 or 2 familiar things Tries to sing
09 2 YearsBounces ball kicks large ball Jumps forwardTurns doorknobs Unscrews jar lids Strings beads Unwraps small things Takes off shoes Holds pencil in hand instead of fistUses own name to refer self Two word phrases Names 3 pictures Sings parts of songs Imitates 4 word sentences
10 3 YearsRides a tricycle Jumps with feet together Catches large ball without using body Kicks rolled large ball Build 9 block tower Imitates a cross and circle Cuts with scissors Colors with crayon Simple 4 piece puzzle Unbuttons large buttonsAnswer questions Related experiences using short sentences Uses words for more than 1, and big and small Repeats 5 word sentences Talks for all needs Gives full name on request
11 4 Years Stands on 1 foot 4 to 8 seconds Skips Holds on one foot Walks on balance beam Throws ball overhand Bounces and Caches ballButtons large buttons Touches finger to nose with eyes closed Traces and copies Mature gasp Brushes teeth Washes and dries face Cuts shapesAnswers questions beginning with "what where and when" An adult understand 80% of the time Can say 300-1000 words
12 5 YearsStands still on toes Hops on one foot 10 times Catches tennis ball bounced by self Jumps forward 18-24Copies triangles Cuts on a straight line Draws a four part man Tries to color in the lines Buttons small buttons Uses a pencil sharpenerDescribe people & things Describes parts of a movie or show Knows first an last sound on words Gives definitions of words Understands First step and last step