Our Philosophy We are an integrated team that delivers an individualized program of care for every person. We strive to provide our clients the most comprehensive and technologically advanced treatment strategies and techniques in the field. We make every effort to see a happy face full of accomplishment in our patients and families.


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Q. What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy is a profession devoted to helping individuals function optimally in their daily occupations or activities. The occupations of children include play, self-help skills, learning and social interactions. Pediatric Occupational Therapy facilitates the development of age-appropriate sensory and motor functions to promote a child’s ability to play, learn and interact in his/her environment.

Q. What is a PEDIATRIC Speech Therapist?

…a licensed professional trained in evaluation and treatment of children with: * Expressive and receptive language disorders * Communication disorders: stuttering, voice problems, and speech delay * Articulation and phonological disorders * Cognitive skills: problem solving and reasoning * Social skills/behavior management * Oral motor and swallowing skills